The Unclaimed Luggage And Other Stories




LIFE, with its crazy swings of emotion from the jocular to sombre, from hilarity to downright sadness, from ecstasy to desperation, is like a mad roller-coaster ride. This exquisite collection of eighteen short stories, presenting a plethora of various emotional ranges, depicts the rough-and-tumble life at its best. There are funny stories and sad. Some of the stories are written with a delightful tongue-in-the-cheek style. There are tales of woe and dilemma, that may be somewhat thought provoking as well. The handful of ghost stories that are thrown in, are regular spine-chillers, even for the most sceptic readers. In the line of his duty, the author had travelled widely all through the length and breadth of the state of West Bengal. This is reflected in the settings of the stories. Some of them are set in rural areas, some in small towns, while a few are set in the metro city where the author had grown up. There is one story from ancient Rome, which shows the author at his best. This kaleidoscopic array of tales makes the book eminently readable.

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