Resurrection : A Woman Reborn (Chinese)



This is the Chinese translation of an anthology of poems on woman originally written in English. This is the story of an everyday woman who we see around us every now and then. This is a short collection of thoughts of women who build lives around the husband and his wishes. This is done willingly and happily. In fact this gives her immense satisfaction. She is so busy building a family and dreaming of a home that she’ll one day spend her old age in, that she misses the warning signals and ignores her own intuitive feeling. Her family, her home, that’s her existence and she revels in it. And then, suddenly, unexpectedly, she’s told she’s no longer needed. The reasons given vary but are unimportant. The effect is the same, he walks away and she keels over. Caught unawares at crossroads she gasps and sputters. This is when she realises that she has to go on. There are obligations she must fulfil and tasks she must complete. Her family and friends rally around her and then, like a true warrior, she battles the demons inside and around her. She looks up to find new horizons and at daybreak she promises herself a new rainbow. And this rainbow is hers alone.

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